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Testosterone Erection

A lack of testosterone is NOT the major cause of erectile dysfunction. The cause in most cases in normally a poor supply of blood flow to the penis so its a circulatory factor which normally causes erection problems but low testosterone can be a contributory factor and it also has an impact on libido.

Testosterone Sexual and General Health

Testosterone though is crucial to a man in terms of, it optimizes the immune system, boosts energy levels and also gives a man a strong sex drive or libido. Testosterone levels decline with age and when they do it can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone can see a man lose his sex drive, feel fatigued, depressed and he probably have difficulty concentrating and these problems, can all be contribute to weak erections or even erectile dysfunction. While testosterone declines with age, there are many ways to boost levels in the body and while you can have testosterone replacement therapy, its expensive and you don't have to do it. You can boost your testosterone level safely and naturally, by simply follow the tips below.

How to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is the key male hormone for sexual health and while not the major cause of erectile dysfunction, in a recent study of men with ED, it was found that 1 in 3 also had low testosterone. Regardless of its impact on ED and how much, boosting testosterone improves overall health and wellness, it gives you a strong libido which all men want. Let's now look at how to naturally boost testosterone levels

Get a Good Nights Sleep

You need a good nights sleep to replenish testosterone levels in the body and if you think about it when do men feel most like having sex? When they wake up and this is because their testosterone levels are increased after a nights rest. How much sleep you will need depends on your physical make up but the accepted optimum amount is around 8 hours a day. Many men actually wake up with an erection. If you do, you can do something else to boost your testosterone levels even further which is covered in the next point:

Have Sex in the Morning

If you have an erection keep in mind, this is boosting your levels of your testosterone and by having sex in the morning you will boost levels even further. This is an easy tip for most men to follow and boosts testosterone so do it as often as you can!

Lose Weight

Obesity is the enemy of testosterone and man who are just 30% over their ideal bodyweight, tends to see a decrease in testosterone levels and the more overweight you are, the more levels tend to fall. Low testosterone can also occur, if you are underweight. Check you optimum body weight and eat correctly and exercise to get to your optimum body weight and your testosterone levels will naturally rise.

Eat the Right Foods

Cut back on fat and get lots of healthy carbs for energy and eat lots of nuts and oily fish which are great for lifting testosterone levels. There some foods you need to avoid and there heavily processed foods and ones high in saturated fats and there is also one so called healthy food you need to beware of and its soy.

Soy is seen as a healthy food to eat but you must be careful not to eat to much. The reason for this is - Soy increases estrogen and reduces testosterone in the body and also reduces sperm count. Read the packaging of foods you buy and you will be amazed at how many contain soy, so avoid if possible or eat small amounts.

Although estrogen is a female hormone, it is also found in smaller amounts in men. If you increase testosterone estrogen levels will decrease. It's important a man doesn't have to much estrogen as estrogen will reduce testosterone level.

Cut Down Drinking

Alcohol as most people know is not good for the liver function and when the liver doesn't function well it causes estrogen levels to increase dramatically - at the expense of testosterone. While many people drink alcohol to relax it actually boosts levels of the stress hormone cortisol which causes testosterone production to drop for up to 24 hours after a heavy drinking session. If you want a few glasses occasionally that's fine but if you find yourself drinking a bottle a day, you are going to see testosterone levels fall dramatically.

Take a Selenium and Zinc Supplement

Zinc and selenium are crucial for testosterone production and sperm health and while you can get these in a healthy diet, its best to take a supplement of both as well.

Take of a Herbal Testosterone Tablet

You can take a herbal sex pill which will contain herbs which enhance testosterone such as Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus. These herbs have been used for thousands of years to boost testosterone and work.

Tackle Stress and Relax and Exercise

Stress increases a man's level of cortisol which works to decrease testosterone. You need to de stress so try meditation, deep breathing or anything that gives you time out from stress. Also keep in mind exercise is a great stress buster and also, any exercise will boost testosterone levels so get 30 minutes good exercise at 3 4 times a week.

Final words

If you want to increase testosterone, the above tips will help you achieve this quickly and naturally and any man who tries them for a few weeks, will see a significant boost and feel healthier and happier.

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