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Natural Erection Supplements

Natural erection supplements can be found in foods, herbs and we discuss these in other areas of the site. Here we want to look at the Vitamins, minerals and natural amino acids, that can be found in herbs and foods which you need for peak sexual health. If you get the right foods, you can prevent or cure erectile dysfunction and get harder erections which last for longer. Lets look at what vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other natural erection supplements the food you eat needs to contain, too give you a hard erection and a strong sex drive.


Lets take a look at the vitamin groups and there impact on your sexual health

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps to produce the sex hormone known as progesterone which is need for erectile function and sex drive.

Vitamin B

the B vitamin are needed for energy vitality and also play a key role in sexual health hence there nickname  “the sex vitamins” Thiamin (B1) is one of the most important of the group and is essential for nerve transmission ( important for sexual arousal) energy and stamina

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed for proper immune system function which helps prevent  illness and disease  it also plays a key role in maintaining strong capillaries and veins, as well as reducing cholesterol and maintaining normal blood pressure and finally, it helps to boost testosterone which is important for both energy and libido.

Vitamin D

Most of the body's vitamin D comes from sunlight on our skin and has an effect on mood and libido. If levels are to low we feel depressed and when levels are high we feel happier and have a stronger libido. If you want evidence of its impact on libido consider this fact – Far more babies are conceived in summer than in winter.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is a powerful anti ageing antioxidant which helps to keep the cell membranes healthy and free from free-radical damage which speed up the ageing process It is also needed for the synthesis of the prostaglandins which are needed for optimum sexual health.



This mineral is found in high levels in the prostate gland and is needed for prostrate health.  In terms of sexual health its needed to produce testosterone and is also needed for sperm health.


Magnesium is only found in small amounts in the body and helps in the production of sex hormones, such as androgen and also helps to produce the neurotransmitters that give men a high sex drive such as dopamine and norepinephrine.

Iron I

Iron  helps muscle cells store oxygen. If you lack iron, ATP cannot be properly synthesized which leads to chronic tiredness which impacts on sex drive. Men need iron and its vegetarians who are normally most at risk of a deficiency.

Amino Acids

L Arginine

This amino acid  is known as “natures Viagra” or “ naturesBlue Pill”  and is seen as a great supplment for sexual health. L’arginine helps to produce nitric oxide which is needed to relax the m the blood vessels that lead into the penis. When the blood vessels relax the blood flow increases to the penis which helps to form and maintain an erection.


This  amino acid works in conjunctio with l-arginine to help boost blood flow of blood to the penis. It works not only to  enhance the effect of l-arginine but also helps absorb better within the body.


This amino acid improves memory and also helps to prevent fatigue and is seen as a great supplement for the brain. It also increases the levels of neurotransmitters which helps optimize the body's nervous system and finally, helps with the production of vitamin D.

Other Essential Natural Supplements


Niacin helps to break down and process fats and it also reduces cholesterol. In terms of sexual health, niacin improves blood flow by opening the arteries so they are wider and therefore this is a great supplement for increasing blood flow to the penis.

Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 3 is known for its general health giving properties and is great for brain health and also for increasing the flow of blood around the body and is rich in nutrients and can be found in evening primrose oil, fish oil, and Krill oil, as well as nuts and oily fish.


Selenium is an anti oxidant and also is essential for proper function of your thyroid gland which is need for energy and sex drive finally almost 50% of the selenium in the body is located in the testes and seminal ducts. When men ejaculate they lose selenium in their semen therefore you need to get enough selenium if you want healthy sperm.

The Nutrients for Peak Sexual Health

The above are the nutrients you need to enjoy a hard erection and a strong sex drive and you can find them all in  the Best Erection Foods and also find them in a number of time tested herbs and you can review the best Herbs for Harder Erections. The above nutrients if you get them all, will mean that you will be getting all the nutrients you need to enjoy peak sexual health.

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