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Last Longer in Bed Breathing Exercises

On this site you will find all the best foods, herbs and natural cures for erectile dysfunction which will boost your libido and get you harder and stronger erections naturally but there is one simple way, to last longer in bed and enhance your health. The simple way to last longer in bed is to learn to do something you do every day which you don't even probably think about and its to learn how to breathe correctly.

We do it up to 25,000 times a day each and every day of our lives but what most people do not realize is if you learn to breathe correctly, you will become less stressed and happier and be able to hold an erection for a longer period of time. Stress can cause erection problems so if were happier were likely to have a higher libido and the other good news is learning how to breathe correctly when having sexual intercourse can actually help you prolong orgasm. 

If learn to breathe correctly, you will be amazed, the impact it has on both general health and how long you can hold an erection for. Let's look at how to breathe correctly, to enhance overall health and hold a harder erection for a longer period of time.

Learning to Breathe Correctly for Better Health

Most people are tend to take shallow breathes and they only use only the top portion of the lung  and do not use the area below the diaphragm which is a huge mistake in terms of all round health so are you a shallow breather?

If you pull in your stomach and lift your shoulders then you are a shallow breather.

So why should we learn to breathe deeper for enhanced health and vitality?

Keep in mind, that the diaphragm is attached to the lower ribcage and the lumbar vertebrae. When a person is breathing deeply, the diaphragm moves to massage the liver and heart. The diaphragm moving to its full extent. This combined with the movements of the stomach, ribs and lower back which accompany deep breathing, helps the body detoxify the major organs of the body, as well as  boost blood flow which optimizes the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system.

When the body is exposed to deep breathing, you become relaxed and happier, as the major organs in the body are working in perfect harmony together. You should practice deep breathing every day and learn, to close your eyes and free your mind while doing so. When you take deep breathes, draw the air in slowly and exhaling slowly. If you do this you will find it helps both general and sexual health and the good news is its easy to do and even better, it can help you last longer in bed.

Deep Breathing and How to Last Longer in Bed

When you are engaged in sexual intercourse, your heart beat will start to quicken as you get excited and in response, your breathing quickens. You will quickly ejaculate unless, you slow down your breathing but by using deep breathing techniques, you can delay ejaculation.

Breathe in deeply, through your nose rather than your mouth and the reason for this is the nasal passage is narrower and forces you deep breathe. Breathe in for around  6 - 8 seconds, hold then for around 1 second and then, breathe out for another 6 - 8 seconds. When you breathe out, you should feel it all the way to the pelvic muscles as you exhale.

If you feel you are going to climax, simply stop thrusting for a few seconds and cast your mind away from sex, you can then start to thrust slowly, taking slow deep breathes. If you do this your partner will still be feeling you but you will have avoided losing control.

If you use deep breathing techniques when having sex, you will be able to delay ejaculation for a long time. It's a simple technique and it works, this is because you are simply using it as a delaying tactic, to tell your body its not time to ejaculate.

Final Words

Deep breathing should be practised by anyone for enhanced general health and better sexual performance. Its free and easy to do - so try it and you will be very happy with the results. You can also check out more on how to get Harder Erections on this site and also review the best herbal sex pills.

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