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Increase Blood Flow to the Penis

For an erection to come to fruition the blood flow to the penis must be increased and here we will look at how an erection occurs. Many men don't think about how an erection occurs before they have erection problems, they just take it for granted but if you want to understand Erectile dysfunction, you need to know how an erection occurs and then you will see the various reasons why men cannot get erections.

How an Erection Occurs

The erection process starts in the brain from thoughts, sounds or visual stimulation the output  signals from paraventricular nucleus section of the brain start to increase and these signals, need to find there way to the penis via the spinal cord.

The shaft of the penis has two chambers which fill up with blood during sexual arousal and these chambers are known as the corpora cavernosa.

The signals from the paraventricular nucleus  are received in the penis and tell the spongy tissue of the corpora to relax.

When these messages are received the arteries which supply blood into them, start to relax and  dilate, they become wider and blood fills the corpora cavernosa swelling the penis in size.

The blood flow to the penis is now increasing and the blood needs to be prevented from leaving   the penis. While the arteries into the penis are increasing the blood flow, the veins leading out of the corpora become smaller in size and this traps the blood in the penis and the penis then becomes erect and an erection is the visible result until ejaculation.

During an erection the blood flow into the penis becomes 8 times as much, as when its flaccid and that's a lot of blood!

A man has an erection and can hold it until an orgasm occurs. When a man reaches climax, he ejaculates and signals from the brain change, the veins widen and blood flows out of the penis and the penis becomes flaccid again.

Increase Blood Flow to the Penis – A Complex Chain of Events

An erection involves a complex chain of events to take place which include the mind, the nervous system and the vascular system to deliver the increased amount of blood to the penis which is needed to from a hard erection.

We take it for granted until  erection difficulties occur but how can you increase blood flow to the penis, if you have problems getting an erection?

You need to find out why you not enough blood is entering the penis and now you know how an erection occurs, you can read about common causes of Erection Problems and impotence and when you know the cause, you can work to increase blood flow to the penis. For tips on how to get Harder Erections and find out how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally, with the best natural supplements and  herbal erection pills.

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