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Harder Erections

Here we are going to assume you have no erection problems and can get an erection but you want to get one which is harder and lasts for longer. Lets look at how to get a harder erection with 7 simple tips.

1. Eat the Right Foods

You need to feed your body the right foods to get harder erections and we cover the diet you need to eat for harder erections on this site in great detail. Here we will do a quick summary – make sure you get plenty of carbs!

Carbs give you energy and that's just what you will need for a harder erection.  Do not eat food that is high in saturated fat, these foods will kill your sex drive and your erection. They reduce testosterone levels and in addition the body has to work harder to digest the fat. You won't eat perfectly every day as well so take a multi vitamin pill with zinc and a herbal sex pill to make sure your body is always getting good nutrients.

2. Relax Your Mind

Stress and anxiety, creates nervous tension and your body will then be drained of energy. If you suffer from stress try and calm your nerves you can actually do this by practising regular deep breathing, meditation or even try a relaxing and gentle exercise regime, such as Yoga or Tai Chi. You mustn't let stress control you, you need to control stress and if you do, you will have a higher libido and a stronger erection.

3. Exercise Your Body and Your Penis

It's a fact that if you exercise your body regularly, you will tend to have more energy which leads to an increased sex drive, better erections and improved sexual stamina. Keep in mind, men who engage in regular exercise, are less prone to erection problems than men that don't.

You should try and exercise your abdomen because if you do, you will lose weight and gain strength in this key area of the body and the muscles, can focus on holding your erection rather than an overweight stomach. Finally, you can actually exercise the penis itself with Kegel exercises. These exercises, strengthen the  muscles used for ejaculatory control so look them up, there easy to do and they work.

4. Avoid Drugs Alcohol and Smoking

In terms of a harder erection avoid drugs (prescription or recreational), smoking and alcohol which can all lead to a weak erection or many cases, excessive consumption can lead to impotence. If you are on any prescription medications, check with your doctor to see if they can cause erection problems.

In terms of recreational drugs such as cocaine avoid them. Drugs are not only bad for your erection, there bad for your long term health. The occasional drink is OK but excessive alcohol consumption leads to “brewers droop” and long term alcohol abuse, can lead to an inflated prostrate gland and impotence. Smoking, clogs the blood vessels and as a hard erection relies on strong blood flow, you need to stop smoking.

5. Cut Down on Masturbation

All men masturbate now and again and any man who says he doesn't is lying but one of the keys to getting a harder erection is not to engage in excessive masturbation. When you masturbate and orgasm your body sees a depletion of chemicals and hormones. If you masturbate excessively the chemicals and hormones remain depleted and this means, when you come to have sex with your partner, you will not have the nutrients in your body to give you a hard and long lasting erection.

There is nothing wrong with masturbating now and again but if you have been doing it to much stop. The good news is it will only take you a few days, to regain correct hormonal balance.

6. Choose Positions Wisely

If you want a stronger erection then you need to consider the effect of gravity. Positions such as penetration from behind or the standard missionary position means you can use gravity to your advantage which allows more blood to enter the penis than a position when the women is on top.

If your partner is on top of you your penis is pointing upwards and gravity will work against you. In addition, you don't have so much control it's your partner who is and she may get a bit carried away and bring you to climax to quickly. 

7. Control Sensitivity 

One simple way to reduce sensitivity is to wear a condom and while this is a sensible action to take with a sexual partner you don't know, most men don't want to do it with a long term partner because it reduces the pleasure from orgasm. There are however two simple ways to control sensitivity getting the better of you and ejaculating to soon:

You need to learn how to control your breathing and if you do you can delay orgasm. When you are just about to orgasm, your breathing gets faster as your heart rate increases so what you need to is slow your breathing down and breathe deeply, your heart rate will decrease and an orgasm can be prevented.

Think about something else for as you begin to feel yourself losing control and in danger of ejaculating to soon. This actually works if you do it for a short period of time because you will momentarily be not focusing on sex and this will stop you losing control but won't stop you losing your erection. By changing the focus of your mind away from sex, for short periods of time you will stop yourself from coming to soon.

Final Words

If you use the 7 simple tips above not only will you have a harder erection and be able to last longer in bed, you will also improve your all round levels of health and wellness.

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Suprise her with the best Sex she's ever had!