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Best Erection Pills

What is the best erection pill for a man to take to cure impotence and get harder erections? The best pill is not the same for everyone, because erectile dysfunction has so many different causes. Here we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of herbal pills and drugs and give you some guidance on how you choose the best pill for you.

Herbal Pills or Prescription Drugs which are Best?

If you are experiencing a weak erection or erectile dysfunction, you should have a check up with your doctor to find the exact cause of your erection problem. If erectile dysfunction is not caused by a serious illness it can be cured naturally. Before we look at natural erection pills, lets look at prescription drugs, there advantages and disadvantages and then compare them with herbal sex pills.

Prescription Drugs

Lets look at the 4 main prescription drugs in more detail.

Sildenafil (‘Viagra’)

This was the first ED drug and was launched in the late 1990s. In tests it was shown to cure ED in over 70 per cent of men. While Viagra was the first prescription drug to treat ED there are three other major drugs today which men can use so let's take a look at them.

Tadalafil (trade name Cialis®)

The major competitor to Viagra and while Viagra's effect last only for a few hours. Calis is known to work for up to 48 hours, giving it the nickname “the weekender”

Vardenafil (trade name Levitra®).

This is less popular than the above two and has a smaller market share and its effect in terms of time on an erection is similar to Viagra

Apomorphine (trade name Uprima®)

This pill is different to the above 3 in that it works on the brain rather than as a PDE5 inhibitor. The pill works on the brain and its neuro transmitters which are involved in sending messages down the nerves to the penis. These messages when received, cause the blood flow to increase in the penis an erection comes to fruition. Its normally taken 30 minutes or so before a man has sex.

So which is the Best Drug?

In head to head tests of the PDE5 inhibitors Cialis tends to come out as the number 1 choice due to its longer lasting effect. Uprima works in a different way but has its fans but overall on polls of men taking all the above - Cialis tends to be the winner. 

This then leads on to disadvantages and there are of course dangerous side effects for many men taking these pills which means there is a risk to health for men with certain health conditions. There also expensive and perhaps the major disadvantage for most men is they do nothing to increase libido. Without a strong libido the sexual experience is incomplete and this frustrates many men.

Herbal Libido Pills

Most men can cure erection problems without drugs and take herbal sex pills. Herbs cure overall health and when this happens, not only will you get harder erections, you will also get a libido boost and also improve your overall levels of mental and physical health. They are safe and can be taken by any man and there more popular than ever today because they work.

Choosing a Herbal Sex Pill

Don't buy just one single herb erection pills; there is no one herb which fixes all problems. Look for a pill which contains a variety of herbs. In terms of a good variety we think any pill you choose should contain the following herbs.

Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, Triblulus, Cnidium, Tonkgat Ali, Ginkgo Biloba and L Arginine. If you take these herbs you will have a combination which boost blood flow to the penis, increase testosterone and also, reduce stress and anxiety which are major causes of erectile dysfunction.

You should also look for the herbs to be delivered in a high enough dosage and for safety, look for pills that are produced in the U.S.A, in Compliance With FDA Safety, Manufacturing & Ingredient Standards. U.S. This will protect you from unregulated foreign manufacturers who may sell you pills which do not have the ingredients they claim or even worse dangerous ingredients.

Final Words

There is no best erection pill for all men but if you follow the above guidelines you will find the best erection pill for you which can help you get harder erections. In our view you should try the natural route first but if there is no other option than prescription drugs, you need to discuss which is best with your doctor before taking them.

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